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The goal of JESahab.com Power Sector Reform program is to:
Provide cost-efficient good quality electricity to all categories of consumers for economic development /social uplift of the Substations Keeping in view the above-mentioned goal Junior Engineer has agreed on the following key aspects of the Power Sector Reform Programme:

  1. 100% Billing.
  2. 100% Revenue Realization.
  3. Continuous Supply.
  4. All Complaints to Digital palate form.
  5. Any supply Brekdoun inform to Consumer. by msg.
  6. All feeder No Tripping.
  7. All Departmental Site Available to Site.
  8. This site help for Junior engineer.
  9. This site help for Consumer.
  10. Online Bill payment by the consumer.
  11. Self-made by bill generates.

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